The following treatments are available to suit your specific needs:

NEW! Enzymatic Treatment

Immediately brighten and strengthen ​skin! Papaya enzymes and AHA's gently exfoliate to improve skin texture leaving it smoother, while antioxidants stimulate collagen and fight aging. 


Mechanical exfoliation combined with vellus hair removal, this service removes dead skin cells to allow for better product absorption and leaves your skin looking refreshed. Dermaplaning is great as a stand-alone treatment, or prior to any of the services below. 


Oxygenating Trio

A three-step treatment that will leave your skin glowing. Antioxidant therapy corrects and prevents free radical damage, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed skin leaving it radiant and healthy.


Detox Gel Deep Pore Treatment 

A peel-alternative to detoxify all skin types with strong antibacterial and antioxidant action. The active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic ingredients penetrate pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads, eliminate bacteria, reduce inflammation and remove excess cell debris. The skin is left hydrated, purified and clear.  


Therapeutic Masks:


Salicylic and antioxidants detoxify breakout-prone skin, leaving it purified, calm and clear. The exfoliating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients refine skin texture to brighten and refresh dull complexions. 


A balancing mask with Japanese white charcoal to absorb oil, impurities and minimize pores, leaving skin clear.  


Humectants, antioxidants and essential fatty acids combine to soothe and hydrate dry, barrier-impaired skin. 


A results-oriented mask to exfoliate and brighten dull complexions on all skin types, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. 

All skin services are designed as peel alternatives, not meant to penetrate the skin deeply. You will not experience shedding/peeling following the above skin services. Peel treatments are available upon consultation. 


**Please note that all skin services are express treatments and are not designed to mirror spa-like facials. These treatments do not include steam or massage, but are intended to focus on treating skin concerns in a time and budget-friendly manner!