|Post| Lash Treatment

| Do not wet lashes for the 24 hours post treatment. 

| Cleanse lash extensions daily with the recommended cleanser and a gentle eye shadow brush (available here soon). This is a must!

| Discontinue use of lash growth serums for two days after your lash treatment. 

| Cleanse (or at least rinse) and brush extensions immediately after working out and swimming to remove salt and chlorine deposits.

| Avoid saunas, excessive steam/heat, and oil based products around the eyes. 

| Do not use mascara or a lash curler with extensions. 

| Sleep with a silk pillowcase to prevent friction and minimize lash shedding. It's better for your hair too! Available here soon. 

Each of these tips and recommendations are designed to keep your natural lashes strong and healthy; to keep your eyes clean and free from infection; and to keep your extensions full and fluffy in between fills. Aftercare is the most important part in maintaining eye health and longevity in your extensions!