|Post| Skin Treatment

After receiving a PCA Skin chemical peel, your skin may not necessarily 'peel,' rather light       flaking in localized areas for several days is typical.

| Temporary redness, tightness and/or a slight sensation of windburn post treatment is                 normal. Apply a moisturizer twice a day to minimize these effects.


| Use the recommended PCA Skin products for home care. Post- procedure kits can be                 found here.

| Apply an SPF of at least 30 daily. 

| Never pick, pull or try to remove loosening skin.

| Avoid the following for two days post treatment: 

    - applying hot water directly to treated skin;

    - saunas, steam and heat;

    - exercise that raises your internal body temperature or causes excessive perspiration.

| Avoid the following for seven days post treatment: 

    - sun exposure; 

    - chlorine; 

   - mechanical and topical exfoliation (including, but not limited to, Retin-A®, Differin®,           etc. and products high in AHA or BHA).

| Avoid the following for two weeks post treatment: 

    - waxing; 

    - botox and dermal fillers; 

    - laser treatments;

    - tanning beds. 

These above guidelines are designed to prevent skin damage, scarring, pigmentation and other complications. Use of recommended PCA Skin products at home daily will maximize results and minimize side effects. Feel free to reach out with any questions!